I’m uploading my old comic for you to read (it is in Finnish, but I put rough translations under each page!). I did this in 24 hours comic marathon 2012 before I got pregnant. I used watercolors and ink to draw. The comic is 24 pages long and I’ll be uploading it in a 3 parts. Here are the first 8.


Äidinvaisto sivu 11.Can you feel it? 2. Yeah…

Äidinvaisto sivu 21. How are you feeling? 2. I feel like I’m gonna explode any minute now.
3.When is your due date? 4. Overdue already! 5. I hope everything is alright
6.Bye bye!

Äidinvaisto sivu 3

Äidinvaisto sivu 4 1. Congratulations!

Äidinvaisto sivu 5

Äidinvaisto sivu 61. Oh boy… 2. Honey! Wake Up!

Äidinvaisto sivu 71. Hurry up! 2. Yes we are on our way. Waters just broke.

Äidinvaisto sivu 8

1. Look out!

Pages 9-16 here.
Pages 17-18 here.