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Äidinvaisto sivu 171. #285 Patient is violent and is a danger to herself and her offspring. Requesting permission for involuntary treatment. [Granted]
2. Treatment: Sedatives, hyposensibilisation, electric shock therapy.
3. No improvement in a week. Still denying the child’s parenthood. Continuing treatments.
4. Father released home with the child. No improvement with mother. Requesting permission for hypnotherapy. [Granted]

Äidinvaisto sivu 181. Patient is responding well to hypnotherapy. Requesting transfer out of the enclosed department. [Granted] 
2. Patient acknowledges her mistakes. She is ready for non-institutional care.
3. You look well. It is nice to get you back home!
4. You should not upset her. We should take it slowly. *click*

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Äidinvaisto sivu 211. Honey! You are okay!

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Äidinvaisto sivu 231. Honey? 2. Everything is okay…
3. You are back! I’m so glad you are yourself again! 4. Everything is well now! 5. It was all just a big  misunderstanding.

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The end.