Bubble Bobble BublesPosting an another old piece. We had visitors and our kid just laid her head to pillow like an hour after her normal sleeping time so I don’t have much energy to open a sketch pad anymore this night.
I also have a few commission pieces to work with. Two comics and one tattoo. I need to start sketching those out too. One comic is due to November (still plenty of time) and the other doesn’t really have a due date and I’m not even sure if I’m able to make it but at least I said I would try. So maybe I can finally send some sketches out next week. The tattoo is also a try, I didn’t promise a sure thing. ;D

By the way, my blog is going to move to another address (mariadrawsdaily, same name/different ending) in near future. Me and my fellow blogger friends are getting our own blog portal (Yee!) so I hope you guys still follow me even if I change my address. We are going to use WordPress platform so it will be tried and tested. I’m excited about it!

Remember that you can also follow me on twitter, facebook, google+ , instagram and bloglovin’! Those won’t change.