Seems like all the stores are full of these Zen coloring books or Relax&Color or somethingsomethingColor… So I decided to hit the waves and try these out. And I’m doing poorly.

First of all I thought that my pens would have been good for the job but it seems that either they suck or my sharpening tool is a bust. I can’t get the pens sharp enough to get all those little tiny itsy-bitsy spots without going over the borders. And you know me! I tend to get all worked up because of going over the lines. If I know the mistake is there I sure see it every time!

Secondly my coloring sucks. I’m not good at planning out anything and I only know a thing or two about color theories. I’m more like “close my eyes and throw things around and hope for the best!” kind of girl. I do that in baking too. I hardly ever follow the recipe because I love experimental style. You know; all laid back! Which isn’t always good.

So I’m not relaxed or zen. Probably need to give the book another go when I have markers in hand. I hope the paper is thick enough not to bleed ink to the other side.

Have any of you guys found these adult coloring books? What do you think?