Intuos Tablet test drive

I ordered Intuos Pro M tablet on last Friday and today I got it delivered to my door! That was fast!
Unfortunately the Clip Studio Paint Software download key wasn’t working so I still have to wait to get the real feel of the purchased program but in the meanwhile I can use the Trial version (which doesn’t allow to save so here is a print screen of my test drive!). I hope Wacom customer service will answer to my ticket soon!

Anyway, it took me some time to get the all drivers correctly installed but after two hours of biting my nails I finally got the lines looking the way I wanted. I think I need to give the Photoshop a try too.

The pen and the tablet sensitivity felt nice and the lines came out nicely even with just throwing them around like I did there. I was happy to be able to customize all the keys on the tablet and on the pen so no need to use Ctrl+z or click the Undo button when one can add the key command on the pen buttons. Smart!