A short comic serie I did back in 2011.

Life w/ Pokemon
Episode: Baking w/ Pokemon

baking with pokemon comic

Starring: Clem (Cleffa), Luppi (Piplup) and Eva (Eevee).
Clem’s favorite berries are Pecha berries.

Others like:
Chesto berry – Unna (Munna)
Nanab berry – Eva (Eevee)
Tanga berry – Toto (Totodile)
Pomeg berry – Ditto (Ditto)
Wiki berry – Ducky (Diglett)
Charti berry – Immu (Furret)
Lum berry – Romi (Leafeon)
Cheri berry – Hop (Hoppit)
Colbur berry – Dei (Deino)
Iapapa berry – Cotton (Whimsicott)
Bluk berry – Luppi (Piplup)
Wepear berry – Dust (Duskull)

Character information :

character sheet
Main characters (so far)
From left to right:
1st row Dust (Duskull), Cotton (Whisicott)
2nd row Romi (Leafeon), Dei (Deino)
3rd row Luppi (Piplup), Unna (Munna), Toto (Totodile
4th row Eva (Eevee, also Romi’s mother), Ditto (Ditto), Clem (Cleffa)
5th row Hop (Hoppit), Ducky (Diglett), Immu (Furret)
Eva and Dust are shiny

Pokemon Trainer Maria (me as trainer of course). She has all the badges from Johto to Unova. She loves collecting Pokemons but these here are her favorite ones. Also her apartment isn’t big so she can’t have all of her big Pokemons inside. Maria prefers her Pokemons at their first stage so you will see a lot of everstones.

Sex – LVL – ability
Clem – female – lvl 8 – cute
Luppi – male – lvl 13 – torrent
Romi – male – lvl 15 – chlorophyll
Ducky – male – lvl 25 – sand force
Dust – female – lvl 30 – levitate
Dei – male – lvl 45 – hustle
Cotton – male – lvl 46 – prankster
Unna – female – lvl 48 – telepathy
Hop – female – lvl 50 – leaf guard
Eva – female – lvl 52 – run
Ditto – lvl 60 – imposter
Immu – male – lvl 62 – frisk
Toto – male lvl 67 – torrent

Held items:
Clem – Everstone
Luppi – Mystic water
Romi – Green scarf
Dust – Reaper cloth (doesn’t carry with her always)
Cotton – Miracle seed
Eva – Everstone
Ditto – Metal Power

Favorite food type:
Sweet: Clem, Luppi
Dry: Ducky, Unna, Immu
Spicy: Hop, Toto
Bitter: Eva, Romi
Sour: Dei, Cotton, Dust
Mild: Ditto