I haven’t had a proper holiday or a time out from work for over a year (only a couple of days here and there) and there won’t be any before next summer either..
I guess with a toddler the holiday isn’t exactly a refreshing time…work might be less stressful than home but it still gets a little lot tiring to work without a time out.

Especially I hate the waking up part in the morning and not having any time to do my own stuff. You know, for real. That is one reason I would like to be an artist to actually get to do the things I enjoy (most of the time) for full time. Not just 15 minutes or 1 hour tops per day. I always feel like I have to rush things ’cause I have to do something else in a next minute or two. And because my skills aren’t consistent the things I do today do not look good tomorrow (in my head). I feel like only way for me to improve is to work full time amidst art.

Gees…. I’m babbling.. Better go to sleep! See you tomorrow!