Today I have been listing places to visit before I die. Here is my bucket list:

  • Japan, especially Osaka
  • Italy at least once more
  • Netherlands
  • Central Europe’s old cities and castles
  • Singapore
  • Iceland

Japan is obvious choice because of my love of manga and anime series and gaming!
Italy is on the list because I have been there twice already but the country keeps attracting me.
Netherlands is here because I was 16 when I decided that I want to visit here!
Central Europe’s old castles would be so cool to visit! I could live in one too!
Singapore just seems warm place to visit. I’m not a huge fan of ocean or beach and sun but here I could visit.
Iceland because I want to test out hot springs and go ride horses!

And here is my favorite song for drawing inspiration:

Share your bucket lists and whys in comments.