So you have seen me draw a lot and do some paintings so I thought you might want to learn more about me. You know, get to know me better.
Do not worry; the blog will be about drawing/painting but just to give me a day to rest I thought this kind of blog post could be in order.

I have been into cosplay since high school. I am not very good at it but I still like to make costumes time to time. Here are some examples of the cosplays that I have wore. They have all been made my yours truly from scratch.

Lulu the fae sorceress

Lulu the Fae Sorceress from League of Legends / Photograph: Samu Pirinen


Dita from Chobits

Dita from Chobits / Photograph: Hanna Hyttinen


Nemu from Bleach

Nemu from Bleach/Photograph: Arsi Siuvatti


Does any of you cosplay?